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Donskoy Yantar

«Donskoy Yantar»

Unrefined oil

  • 1L

The oil derived by pressing at a low temperature keeps the natural substances are necessary for good nutrition. It is rich with the natural vitamins A, D, E, K. Flavoured oil is perfect for vegetable salads.

Prepacking: PET bottle in a corrugated box with our company logo: 1L - 15 pcs, 0.5L - 24 pcs.

Validity period: 12 months

You can buy our unrefined sunflower oil "Donskoy Yantar" wholesale,by contacting our managers or leaving the order on the page "Make an order"

ZAO "DonMasloProdukt" offers unrefined sunflower oil wholesale under another brand of us: "Zlatozhar"


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