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B2B — Oil in bulk

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Refined sunflower oil is used to produce the high-quality mayonnaise, sauces and also in the confectionery and fish industry.

Our advantages:

— The high quality of our oil is due to the tight control of the whole technological cycle of production.;

— The Manufacture of our products is in a strict compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law №90-FL "Technical Regulations for fat and oil products", 20.06.2008. ZAO "DonMasloProdukt" has its own car park of Volvos and Renaults equipped with a tank truck,each with a capacity of either 28 or 34 tonnes.We guarantee that the transport delivery of your cargo is carried out by workers who have extensive professional experience in this field. Among our customers are enterprises of the Rostov region, as well as the Krasnodar region.


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