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Our experts made an unique product exclusively for B2B:

«Donskoy Yantar» —
oil for deep frying
  • 5L

The special properties of this product were obtained by combining of only natural vegetable oils, without preservatives or stabilizers.The deep frying oil is used at 150-170 ° C and it neither burns, foams nor permits carcinogens to get into the food. It keeps its original condition and the taste of prepared dishes.

This oil can be used several times, it does not absorb or transmit flavour and taste of the products in use.

Our products to cafes and restaurants was appreciated by professionals such as confectionery "Golden ear", "Intourist", "Pancho" and others.

Manager — Sergey Nikitushkin
Phone: +7 863 3030197;
Mobile: +7 909 4178883;


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