ZAO " DonMasloProduct" was created with the financial support of "Moscow Industrial Bank".

ЗАО ДонМаслоПродукт фото завода

There are two production places:

Features of the production process:

"DonMasloProdukt" — new plant (commissioned in 2009), equipped with the most modern equipment. Total quality control of products produced at each stage of the production chain.

At the stage of acceptance of raw materials from agricultural producers is the selection of seeds using a pneumatic sampler to send to the lab, which assesses the quality of incoming raw materials. If a positive decision lab, cars with sunflower sent to the lifter which automatically is loaded. After that, sunflower seeds are cleaned from impurities (maximum content of impurities is 1.5-3%) and, if necessary, dried. Storing seed produced on the silage warehouse under temperature control.

The actual production of oil starts with hulling the seed, separating the kernels from the shell. The factory provides the most efficient "vertical" scheme of processing of sunflower seed with maximum use of gravity. Purified from Sora Noria seeds are fed to the shelling on the towpath of seminarski, then obrazovavshuyusya comes to semenovianus machine, where it is separated into kernel and husk. After hulling the husk leaves to the needs of the boiler, where it is the main source of heat for the oil press, ekstruzionnogo workshops and ancillary industries.- Gravity fed to grinding in rolling machines. The resulting Matka Noria and the chain conveyor is served in the grill for vegetableoil treatment, where it is uniformly warmed to 105 – 115 ° C. After leaving the brazier pulp (hydrated and cooked, Matka) is a screw press where it is pressed from the oil. The meal after extraction contains 20-22% oil, with the help of bucket elevators and transport elements is sent to the extraction plant for further processing. At the end of the cycle extraction meal has a residual oil content of 0.7% and 1.5%.

The extraction unit is equipped with "zero" flow, which is a progressive technical solution company DE MET. With it waste water from the entire installation in the form of steam is fed back to the toaster for the evaporation of the solvent and hydration of the meal. Oil goes for processing: primary treatment eliminates suspended particles and mechanical impurities, and further phases brings the oil to the ready state. Refining crude oil produced using a gentle technology cold refining, which allows to obtain a deodorized oil of high quality. Also, one of the advantages of this technology is the lack of wash sairani water-a problem that is significant in the classical alkaline neutralization on most plants.

The range of products unit The average monthly volume produced
Granulated Oil-seed meal t. 6 000,0
Oil refined-deodorized packaged l 7000 000,0
Husks granulated t. 1200


The quality of the products:

High quality oil is the result of ongoing control processes of selection and processing of raw materials, refining, deodorization and packaging of finished products. Products are manufactured in accordance with "Technical regulations on oil and fat products", the requirements of the EAC and other regulatory documents.

The main idea with a high technological production to ensure natural taste, purity and quality of the product. In the production process does not use fragrances, dyes and other chemical additives.

Director of separate division in village Vesely — Igor Kud
E-mail: donmasloprodukt@mail.ru

Заместитель генерального директора по производству (главный технолог)
Селезнев Вадим Валерьевич
E-mail: d@dmp.su ЗАО ДонМаслоПродукт фото завода


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